The Knaresborough Society of Possible Histories (KSPH) are not so much interested in what happened, as what could have happened in this small market town.


What if Mother Shipton had been welcomed instead of having to live in a cave?

What is Oliver Cromwell and Charles II had made it up on the banks of the Nidd?

These and other questions are the bread and butter of the Knaresborough Society of Possible Histories. We are not so much concerned with what did happen, but what could have happened.

Join us for a special series of tours of Knaresborough for Release the Hounds Festival 2014, in which we pull back the veil to reveal a secret, possible history of this ancient market town.

A partnership between 3rd Place and Release the Hounds Festival, the devising process will be facilitated by author and theatre director, Daniel Ingram-Brown and Release the Hounds Artistic Director, Stephanie Jones. A new series of street tours will be developed for Knaresborough. These will be led by performers for Release the Hounds Festival in September and then released as audio tours for visitors and residence to enjoy all year round.

The process will start by gathering moments of real history we can play with. We invite the townsfolk of Knaresborough to send us, tweet or Facebook different events they feel are of interest. We will then run a series of workshops with community groups based in Knaresborough, inviting them to ask the question ‘What if?’ What if these moments had played out differently? What might have happened?

Once we’ve gathered the raw data, the material will be developed into four distinct tours by local author, Daniel Ingram-Brown. These tours will then be rehearsed with local community actors ready for their unveiling as part of Release the Hounds Festival.

The Knaresborough Society of Possible History Tours will take place on a rolling basis throughout the Saturday and Sunday of the festival (daylight hours). Four guides will lead small groups on the tours around the town, recounting the fictional histories we have discovered.


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