Third Angel

Sunday 15th September
Doors open at 7, Performance starts at 7:30, The Frazer Theatre. Tickets £10 / Concessions £8.
Running time 70 mins

The Lad Lit Project

The Lad Lit project is a solo performance devised and performed by co-artistic director Alexander Kelly. In form it will explore the territory between (accessible) live art and theatre with Third Angel’s trademark conversational, engaging performance style and (sometimes dark) humour, that some feel has as much in common with observational comedy as theatre. The show has an intimate feel, with the performer close to the audience, encouraging them to join him in his investigation.

This is the story of (delete as appropriate)

Men/blokes/lads/mates/chaps/fellas, of how they managed to get this far and what happened along the way for them to become (delete as appropriate) lovers/brothers/respected/successful/hated/arrogant/chubby.

The Lad lit project is a playful, thoughtful exploration of the way that men make sense of the world and their place in it, told in the minute detail of life that just couldn’t be invented and will have you (delete as appropriate)


“The women in the audience were as entranced by the list of ‘what men do’ as the men were squirming.” Yorkshire Post

The theatrical equivalent of a night down the pub with an amiable, bantering mate.” Yorkshire Post

About Third Angel

Third Angel is the partnership of Artistic directors Alexander Kelly and Rachael Walton, who work regularly with an expanding group of collaborators from the fields of performance, film and photography.

Third Angel makes entertaining and innovative contemporary performance that transcends the limitations of genre and form to speak directly, honestly and engagingly to its audience. They have shown work in theatres, galleries, disused swimming baths, office windows and foyers, school halls, public toilets, cinemas, on the internet and in a damp cellar in Leicester.

Third Angel is interested in the small, intimate things in life, the things that often get overlooked or swept under the carpet; the value of individual experience, the beauty to be found in the tiny details of everyday life, and the surprising emotional power of memories and places. The work combines fact and fantasy, autobiography and fiction. The performers’ relationship with the audience is direct and intimate but also playful. Audiences are implicated, by turn, as conspirators, voyeurs and witnesses. This relationship and accessibility, plus a strong visual aesthetic with high production values and attention to detail, has put Third Angel on the contemporary performance map. Whilst committed to exploring ideas and asking questions, the work is not afraid to entertain and engage an audience.

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