Through the Eyes of a Dog

Friday 13th September.
Saturday 14th September.
Sunday 15th September.

Through The Eyes of a Dog will find you…

Through the eyes of a dog is a devising company founded by three MA students at the end of their studies, and carries the influence of absurdist theatre. They are interested in blurring the lines between stage and audience, play and reality.

Through the eyes of a dog create immersive theatre that often involve its audience to take part by taking them on a journey and throwing them into the world of the characters and fractured narratives. They are interested in the beauty within the banality of life and the underdogs that live amongst us, from the quiet student sat at the back of the class to the man who sweeps the streets.

Their first devised show, Through the eyes of a dog, showcased at the Rose Theatre in Kingston and then onto the Camden Fringe festival. Their piece will be making an appearance at Release the Hounds, 2014. In the lead up to this, they will be around the streets this September guiding you through the festival and posing questions to you to help solve their detective duties.

Watch out for the dogsā€¦


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