Welcome to the New Breed


Release The Hounds is…


Being the un-sporty one at school

Never being picked

Not knowing the answers on the spot

Still counting on your fingers

Celebrating curvy squiggly lines as opposed to straight ones

Wearing clothes that make people say ‘that doesn’t match’

Getting nervous about changing a light bulb

Only getting to grade 4

Being bored at the main actor and looking at the extra instead

Going back to check if you’ve left your straighteners on (again)

Resorting to the ‘ends’ of a bread loaf when desperate

Always double checking that it’s unleaded and not diesel and then…

Reading the ‘unleaded only’ on cap even though you’ve had the car for 6 years

Still avoiding the three drains even though you know it’s silly

Running up the stairs once you’ve turned all the lights off

listening to Frank Sinatra even though you dress like a goth

Using a knife to dig out a crumpet from the toaster (it will be fine)

Skipping a shower to stay in bed for 10 more minutes

Enjoying a messy house because it looks lived in

Not being able to fit on the sofa because of an addiction to cushions

Letting yourself off the leash even though you might get lost.


Being the underdog pays off in the end…


Welcome to the new breed! So, before our big hounds set their paws down in Knaresborough for the three day festival, our festival team are taking the chains off their own leashes and getting their paws muddied.

They’ll be sniffing out places to go, leaving their scents, marking their territory and documenting it with pictures. Our London team will be doing the exact same, as we embark in the battle of…

Country Hounds


City Dogs


Follow our battle of the hounds

Country vs. City

South vs. North

Domesticated vs. Wild

Runt vs. Pedigree

Hounds vs. Puppies.


Both sides will be posting photos to our Facebook account and Twitter account, so make sure you visit a page to see us battle it out. We will also be putting up a big photo album on the website. Get involved, like, share, leave comments, give us ideas, tell us which photos rock your boat, and choose a side…



(pick the northerners… shhh!)

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